Spiral Heat Exchanger


Spiral heat exchangers are manufactured using two metal plates wound together leaving two parallel channels where fluids can flow in a counter-current direction. They offer excellent thermal approaches but are best suited for high fouling fluids like slurries or fluids containing fibrous material.  

Unique and Reliable Design

The spiral Plate Heat Exchanger (SPHE) present in various applications for almost a century, has proven to be the most efficient and reliable solution for handling fluids containing fibers and suspended particles.

Self Cleaning

Single channel combined with turbulent flow allows self cleaning of the spiral heat exchanger. The removable covers that can be equiped with davits makes easy maintenance and inspection operations.

Energy Saving

Countercurrent flow circulation makes it ~ 4 times more efficient than traditional shell & tube Heat exchanger.


Compact shape easy to install and operate.


Design Options

  • Best suited for fluids with high solid contents (i.e. slurries)
  • Heat transfer area to 500m2
  • Construction in carbon or stainless steel materials
  • Shell diameter up to 2m
  • Spiral width up to 1.5m
  • Spiral spacing 8 – 45mm
  • Design P = 24 bar
  • Design T = 400°C
  • At this point only PED available
  • Standard and custom designs available