InKorr Pty Ltd partners with several overseas manufacturers to bring engineered solutions to our customers. We are not simply a distributor. We have a close relationship with all of our partners, which allows us to create value for our clients. All of our partners have similar common values. All are:

  • In a leadership position in their field
  • Produce reliable products and high quality
  • Innovative and flexible in finding new solutions to help our clients

Our Partners


Standard Xchange, formerly known as ITT Standard is a premium manufacturer of heat exchangers. Standard Xchange is an expert on heat transfer. They have developed their own designs and using their internal research facilities, they have developed specific heat transfer correlations for their equipment. The company began manufacturing heat exchangers under the names Ross and American Standard almost 90 years ago. Unlike many manufacturers of heat transfer equipment, they have not relocated their manufacturing to Asia but instead still fully manufacture in Buffalo, New York in the USA. As one of the largest suppliers of heat exchangers to the US Navy, their quality cannot be ignored. 


Mersen, formerly known as Carbone Lorraine is the world's leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant equipment. Mersen's range of solutions is unparalleled. Making use of multiple manufacturing facilities on every continent, Mersen can quickly deliver a broad palette of solutions ranging from impervious graphite, tantalum, zirconium, titanium, nickel alloys, PTFE lining, and silicon carbide. Equipment deliveries can be expanded to full system packages in the case of hydrochloric and sulphuric acid.    


Fluonics manufactures corrosion resistant valves in South Korea. This company, with their many patents, is ahead of the field in innovating the future of lined valves. Their core products are their PFA lined valves however their new line of polymer lined composite valves is unique in their practical advantages and affordability.  


GESMEX manufactures the revolutionary plate and shell heat exchanger in Germany. This heat exchanger is a game-changer since it has the performance expected from a plate exchanger yet it can be used in many of the applications previously strictly reserved for shell and tube equipment including high temperature and high pressure application. These products can often perform the same duty as a shell and tube in a fraction of the size and at a very advantageous cost.   


Heatmatrix manufactures a whole new concept in waste heat recovery. Many companies manufacture gas-gas heat recovery exchangers. Most of these applications do not recover the heat available from cooling the waste gas below the dew point. This heat is often wasted and put to atmosphere. Heatmatrix can recover this energy and save your factory money in the process. 


Nexson Group is a specialist for spiral heat exchangers. They have the knowledge and experience to design your spiral to not only perform the duty required but also optimise design to minimise fouling and plugging.