Pressure Vessels

We specialise in highly corrosion resistant solutions. Our pressure vessel fabrication facilities form a part of our partnership with Mersen, the world's leader in corrosion resistant equipment manufacture. Whether a specific application requires explosion cladding such as a titanium clad pressure acid leach reactor, a solid zirconium distillation column for acetic acid manufacturing or even the proprietary CL clad technology for a tantalum clad distillation column. We will work with you to engineer the solution you need for your specific problem. 

With connections to 5 large, well equipped factories, it should be no surprise that we can provide exceptional value for your pressure vessel application! 


Reactive Metal


Solving the toughest problems!

  • Extensive references in Tantalum, Zirconium, Titanium and Nickel alloys 
  • 3 global production facilitiesS
    • Shanghai, CN
    • Los Angeles, USA
    • Frankfurt area, DE
  • Water Jet cutting
  • PLASMA, Automatic TIG welding 

Cladding Technology


Alloy metal sheets are pressed together with the base metal sheet at high temperature and high pressure delivering a metallic bond that is vacuum resistant. Although we have many references for explosion cladding, our alternative process delivers much lower cost. This means that we can deliver the same protective metal layer for your titanium, zirconium, or tantalum clad reactor at a lower cost! Whether you are looking for an exotic metal clad column, reactor, tank, or other pressure vessel, we can provide the optimum solution.

Non-Metallic Solutions


In some cases, non-metallic solutions offer better performance at a lower cost than reactive metals. We have graphite and PTFE lined steel options.


3 factories globally

  • Shanghai, CHINA
  • Salem, USA
  • Pagny, FRANCE