Heat Exchangers

Using our knowledge of engineered products and our clients' application, we leverage the broad palette of options we have available to optimise our solution for you. Our products are engineered to provide not only reliability but also reasonable investment cost and quick turnarounds on delivery. 

We deliver a wide range of heat exchanger styles and constructions. Since we have the capability to custom design them for you from our office in Melbourne, Australia, we can work with you on several options and help you decide on which one is the best for your application.

Each style of heat exchanger has inherent advantages in specific applications meaning that just because one particular style is used in one part of your process or plant doesn't mean that they are the best in another. Working with this wide range of equipment gives us expertise on what particular piece of equipment is best suited for the job at hand. 

InKorr will find the best solution for your application.

Example 1

An application has a viscous process fluid with some fouling expected. Although a wide gap gasketed plate, a crossflow welded plate, a spiral, a corrugated tube and a standard shell and tube can all be used, they are not always all equal to the task. If the obstructions can be very large, then all of the plate variations may not be suitable. The best is likely a corrugated tube solution. 

Example 2

One client approached us with a heating application using a special thermal oil in one case and water in another. This oil is not compatible with any gaskets yet he requested a gasketed plate and frame. Although they wished to use the same exchanger in both applications, this would require a large crossflow welded exchanger since the water duty requirement was large and gaskets cannot be used. The thermal oil application, however, was smaller so we advised the client to use two exchangers. One gasketed plate for the large water application and a small brazed plate for the oil application. This solution was far less expensive than the all welded variant. 

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