Who is InKorr?

InKorr Pty Ltd is an Australia owned and based company founded on the principle that engineered equipment should be just that, engineered. We take pride in consulting with clients and providing many options of different products. This together with detailed, objective information allows our clients to feel secure that they have chosen the right solution for them. 

Meet the Team

Lance Smith


Lance has more than 25 years of experience in both heat transfer and corrosion resistant equipment. Lance is a chemical engineer who prides himself on helping people solve problems. Contact Lance for any enquiry outside of NSW, WA or VIC at lance.smith@inkorr.com.au

Annie Tan


Annie has decades of experience in finance and accounting added to both accounting degrees and an MBA. Annie manages the internal work processes of InKorr. She can be contacted for any accounts receivable or payable issue along with purchasing and logistics. Contact Annie at annie.tan@inkorr.com.au 

Srecko Krajcic


Srecko is an experienced process engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in various types of chemical plants including 15 years as chief engineer at a VCM (vinyl chloride monomer plant), 13 years as pulp engineer at a paper mill and 10 years as technical lead at IXOM chlor-alkali in Botany, NSW. Please contact Srecko for any enquiry in New South Wales. Contact Srecko at srecko.krajcic@inkorr.com.au 

Eric Brogle


Eric is an engineer who is passionate about providing products and solutions to the manufacturing industry. After spending many years in manufacturing in an operational management role he knows the value of suppliers that can provide good, cost effective solutions. Eric holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, a Graduate Diploma in Business and fire assaying qualifications. Contact Eric for any enquiry in Western Australia at inkorr.service@inkorr.com.au

Shane Halliwell


Shane is experienced in heat exchanger service and can help with servicing plate heat exchangers along with graphite equipment. He is also ready and able to help with sizing and selection of heat exchangers. Please contact Shane for any sales or service queries for Victoria. Shane can be reached at shane.halliwell@inkorr.com.au 

Makarios Wong


Makarios is a sales and service engineer with a background in chemical engineering. He enjoys providing practical solutions to customers, especially within the chemical processing and energy industries. Please contact Makarios for any enquiry in Victoria. You can reach him at makarios.wong@inkorr.com.au 

Antoine Duplan


 Antoine is a mechanical and sales engineer who has recently moved from France to join the team. Trained in Mersen's factories, he brings his skills and expertise in graphite heat exchangers and corrosion resistant equipment. You can contact Antoine at antoine.duplan@inkorr.com.au

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