Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Gasket type plate heat exchangers contain a stack of thin horizontally stacked plates with gaskets in-between. The hot and cold fluids flow on either side of the plate in a pure counter-current arrangement. The plates are stamped with a pattern designed to induce turbulence and therefore improve heat transfer. This type of heat exchanger can achieve extremely narrow thermal approaches and therefore offers a much more compact design than shell & tube heat exchangers.

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Design Flexibility

  • Heat transfer areas to 5,000 m2
  • Flow rates up to 7,000 m3/hr
  • 6mm to 100mm connections
  • Semi-welded, double-wall, and free-flow designs available
  • Design P = 20 bar (Custom = 30 bar)
  • Design T = 170°C


Wide Range of Plates and Gaskets

  • High and low turbulence plates
  • Many choices of material for both plates and gaskets
    • SS304, 316, Ti, Hastelloy, Inconel plates
    • Many gasket options
  • Semi-welded plate design for applications where gaskets cannot be used (i.e. ammonia)
  • Double wall design with predetermined leak paths to prevent cross-contamination
  • Free-flow plate profiles available for high solids applications


We also Provide Full Servicing for your Existing Plate Heat Exchangers

Do you have an existing plate heat exchanger that requires servicing? Our skilled service technicians can provide complete plate exchanger service and repair of all makes and models of plate heat exchanger. We can also supply spare aftermarket plate packs at competitive prices to minimise your production downtime during servicing.

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