For all aspects of heat exchanger and related equipment servicing, InKorr has you covered. With our in depth knowledge, years of servicing experience, and supply of quality corrosion resistant products, we are well placed to offer cleaning and repair services for the equipment you rely on to produce in your factory. 

We will gladly discuss any operational problems you have with your equipment and offer a viable solution for you whether this means a quote for servicing on-site, in our service workshop, or even pointing you in the right direction if we cannot provide service for you ourselves. 

Trust InKorr to provide you with the best solution. 

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Plate Heat Exchanger Service and Repair


Our skilled service technicians can provide complete plate heat exchanger services including removal, disassembly, cleaning, plate integrity testing, re-gasketing, reassembly, and installation. We are happy to service all makes and models of plate heat exchanger using authentic or quality aftermarket parts. 


Our workshop is capable of handling all aspects of heat exchanger servicing. Combined with years of servicing experience, you are can be assured you will receive a quality service in a timely manner. 


U.V. Dye-Penetrant Testing provides an analysis of your equipment to find any signs of corrosion or defects that would not be visible to the naked eye.


Backed by a quality aftermarket supplier, we can provide you with spare/replacement parts for most makes and models of plate heat exchangers. All supplied with quality certification equal to OEM standards.

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Graphite Equipment Service and Repair


Our knowledge of graphite equipment is unparalleled in Oceania. You can trust us to clean and repair your graphite equipment. As with all equipment, we are happy to repair using authentic OEM parts or quality aftermarket parts based on your needs.


We can descale and clean your heat exchangers using a highly effective descaler. Complete disassembly, refurbishment, and repair options are also offered for all graphite equipment. We are also happy to provide full onsite cleaning and component replacement services.

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Graphite Heat Exchanger Service


Plate Heat Exchanger Service


Spare Parts

Ask InKorr to help you find competitive prices on spare parts from any supplier, either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or quality aftermarket products!

We only supply quality aftermarket products. What this mean is:

  • The dimensions and properties of these products are made to be compatible with those of the original manufacturer.

  • 10% of all plates tested for dimensional accuracy (including corrugation depth at approximately 20 locations), indentation, dye penetrant, and evenness.

  • 10% of all gaskets are tested for breaking strength, elongation at break, shore hardness, compression strength, and tearing strength.

  • All material certificates for plate materials. These quality control checks are similar to what every international quality plate exchanger OEM provide.