Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Commonly referred to as air blast heat exchangers, this equipment uses either induced or forced draft air to cool media can be cost effective when cooling water is in short supply or the addition of piping to the area is cost prohibitive. They are commonly used as oil coolers or for keeping hydraulic fluid and fuel from reaching excess temperatures.  

Induced Draft Oil Cooler: Type AirEX


This design uses a very compact aluminium bar and plate design which achieves a very high level of performance and therefore an extremely compact footprint. Due to the construction it is only suitable for hydrocarbons like diesel fuel, oil and many hydraulic fluids. 

  • Heavy duty aluminium bar and plate design
  • Standard sizes (300x400 to 1450x1350)
  • Design P = 17 bar
  • Design T = 120°C
  • Materials
    • Alumium cooler
    • Steel shroud
    • Steel fan guard
    • Polypro fan blade with Al hub
  • 1 & 3 phase available
  • Special motors, coatings
  • Highly standard – fast shipment

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Forced Draft Oil Cooler: Type FanEX


The FanEX is built upon a more traditional finned tube design for heat transfer. The use of this technology makes more options for materials possible and nearly any fluid can be accommodated.


  • Bare tube & plate fin construction
  • Sizes (450x450 to 1700x3500)
  • Design P = 20 bar
  • Design T = 180°C
  • Materials (most can be changed as options)
    • Copper tubes with Al plate fins
    • Copper headers
    • Galvanized steel casing
    • Steel motor support, fan blades and fan tube
  • Special motors, coatings
  • Highly flexible design
  • ASME code stamp UM

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Natural Draft Heavy Duty Coil Type

These coils are built with finned tubes and can be placed in any application where either natural convection is needed to dissipate heat or where cool fluids are used to cool hot gasses.


  • Bare tubes with Al integral fin sheath
  • Flexible design – made to order
  • Many materials available
  • Design P = 20 bar
  • Design T = 180°C
  • Highly flexible design
    • VC – Double steam coil (non-freeze)
    • UH – U-bend steam coil
    • UG – U-bend liquid coil
    • MP – Multipass liquid coil
    • Z – Single tube steam coil